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perContact is an information manager that is both easy for individual users and powerful enough to run a medium-sized business.

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perContact - an onine personal and business information manager

an online personal information manager

perContact is a secure 'cloud based' service, so your information is availible from any device that can browse the web.

Now you only have one user ID and password to remember. Just log on to perContact and access all of the information you need to run your life.

Fast, Flexible, Secure -

  1. :: Manage your Contacts
  2. :: Keep track of your todo list
  3. :: Backup and securely store your files
  4. :: Access with any web enabled device

-That's the power of perContact!

A recent study of Web users by Microsoft Research found that the average person has about 25 accounts that require passwords, and types an average of 8 passwords per day. ( PC World ) That number is only growing!

With perContact you only have to remember one login. Then from within our secue site you can retrieve your sensitive information quickly and securely.

The Easiest User Interface:

perContact - an onine personal and business information manager



perContact - an onine personal and business information manager

Remember when we used to memorize phone numbers? It seems like no one does anymore. Obviously, it's because we rely on our smart phones and tablets to do he heavy lifting for us now.

perContact has your back if you fall into a swimming pool with your smart phone in your pocket. All of your data remains safe and sound online.

We find that most perContact users will store key contacts on their phones but also keep a much larger database on perContact that can be referenced at their convenience from any device. It can also grow without limits over the years and serve as a valuable archive of both new and dated information.


Feature list:

  • Contact manager - store names, phone numbers, corporate information, emails and websites

    • File archive - upload .pdfs, spreadsheets, documents and images to any contact record where they can be stored securely and shared seurely with anyone you designate

    • WYSIWYG ( What you see is what you get ) notes field for insertion of rich text, images and / or html that can be attached to any contact record using a visual interface that works like a standard word processor - no programming required

    • Datestamped central notes area for each contact lets you store key information for each contact. This is a great place to store usernames and passwords

    • Followup date / time and action - reminds you what to do with each contact going forward

  • Link Manager - Now you can store all of your favorite website addresses in one easy, searchable list. This is better than using your browser's 'favorites' function because when you change devices, they come along for the ride...just access perContact through your web browser and it's all there!

  • Todo list - Shows you what you have going on in the future, what you have to do today, what is late and what has been completed. The todo list contains both general todo items and follow up actions that are specific to a particular contact. Todo list items can be dated or undated. Undated items will always show as current

  • Image Archive - upload image files in batch to your own online archive. From there you can cut and paste the images into emails or send the URL to anyone you designate. You can also paste them into your WYSIWYG editor for your contacts.

  • Advanced Report Writer - the most flexible database search tool availible. Our SQL custom reporting and search interface lets you query the contacts table using virtually any criteria you can dream up. An example would be a list of all contacts in a particular zip code with a particular phrase in the notes field who have a particular type of email, who have a certain area code. You will be amazed at how granular you can get. Results can be exported to Excel and / or shared with others via an encrypted link to each result set.
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